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Is CSA Right For Me?

6 Questions to Ask Yourself

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture - is one of the many ways to support your local food community, farmers, and environment. It is not the only, nor the best, way to do this! The best way is entirely determined by what works for you, your family, and your lifestyle!

In order to make sure that CSA is the right fit for you, read through the questions below and reflect on your expectations of the experience you'll be signing up for. 

Do you want to support a farmer?

Effective and rewarding CSAs focus on the farmer-member relationship as much as the food they produce. There is something rewarding knowing that the choices you are making are directly supporting a farmer and their local business. 

Joining a CSA means that you are committing to stay with the farmer throughout the whole season, in thick and thin. This means that you share the risks and rewards of the farm that year. Mother Nature may bring too much rain, bugs, or disease. On the flip side, there could be a bumper crop of your favorite vegetable! 

CSA members are a part of this reality every day. Their motivation for supporting the farm is just as much about having the back of the farmer as it is about getting the full financial value of their share. Your support is what helps to make your local food producers resilient. 

This relationship goes both ways! We try to cultivate a connection with you as well - we want you to succeed at eating our food and getting the most out of your vegetables!

So, what do you think?

Is CSA a good fit for you?

Remember, CSA is just one model for getting farm-fresh food to your table and to support local agriculture. For those who value the story, the journey, and the farmer relationships behind the food, it can be a great option that can change the way you eat forever.

As in all things, expectations determine how you experience the product. To set you up for CSA success, make sure your expectations align with the philosophy of CSA before you commit. 

Adapted from Shared Legacy Farms and Boldly Grown Farm.

Ready for some delicious, fresh veggies?

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