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Wash-Pack Team Member (2 positions)

Role and Responsibilities

Receive bins of vegetables into the barn and wash in the appropriate manner according to the type of vegetable.


Pack the washed vegetables carefully into clean bins and store in the cooler, following organizational guidelines.


Assist with packing of CSA shares.

  • Prepare bins and bags.

  • Pull items from cooler or office for packing (all produce needed to fulfill shares). Work with team to get all necessary items.

  • Organize items for efficient and strategic packing on packing tables.


Assist in packing of farm van for distribution. Work with team to configure appropriate order of bins for efficient

unpacking at distribution.


Maintain cleanliness of packing operation.


Ensure all items being packed are of top-quality and adhere to the standards of the CSA.


Report to Farm Manager/Farm Owner if in need of materials (rubber bands, plastic bags, paper bags, etc.).

Job Timing

32-36 hours per week, Monday-Friday, from May 15th - November 15th.

If you are looking for more hours, let us know. The above amount is the minimum.

Additional Notes

This list of responsibilities is not all-inclusive; the Field Manger may be asked to assist with various tasks not on this list.


$18/hr and $1000/year for health-related expenses.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together. Please write us a little message describing your interest in the position and we'll talk!

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