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One Acre Farm's CSA: Options to Fit Your Lifestyle, Family Size & Budget

 A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership is an exciting and adventurous way of eating super fresh, hyper-local, nutritious food ALL YEAR ROUND. Not only do you know exactly where your food is coming from, you know the people growing it.

One Acre Farm's CSA is unique for many reasons. One Acre Farm members are invited to the farm twice a year for tours, in the spring and fall, and also get the bonus of a "Pick-Your-Own" day at the end of the growing season. Families can come out to the farm and pick what is left in the fields to bring home.


Education is a top priority of Farmer Mike's, and there are multiple opportunities to learn about local and sustainable agriculture. Members receive a newsletter each week chock-full with farm insights, news, and great recipes for using what you receive in your bag.


By becoming a member of a CSA, your appreciation for local food will only grow, your cooking skills will expand, and we're sure you'll find more reasons to sit down together as a family to eat a healthy meal made from vegetables grown right around the corner.


We hope you decide to join us for the best year ever! A CSA is a great way to nourish you and your family, and support a vibrant community of local agriculture.


Most CSAs require payment in full at the beginning of the season. However, One Acre Farm is proud to be flexible! You can pay for your share in installments. If you require alternate payment arrangements, please contact Farmer Mike and he'll be happy to work with you!

We understand the commitment of a CSA can be a hurdle for folks financially. If our payment options preclude you from joining our farm, we would love to work with you. If this is a concern for you, please contact us.

Sharing a Membership

It is always possible to share a membership with a friend or family member. If you have someone that you want to share with, we ask that you handle the splitting of your share amongst yourselves, i.e., alternate pick-up weeks.  Unfortunately, we cannot coordinate the logistics of both share members coming to the pick-up site on the same day.

The Deal with Joining a CSA

Your membership agreement.

At One Acre Farm, we are committed to ensuring you get the best vegetables at the fairest price. We are very competitive with other CSAs in the D.C. area and are confident that you will see the value every week when you pick up your fresh (and thoroughly washed) vegetables.

CSA Shareholder Agreement:
I understand that payment for a share of the One Acre Farm CSA entitles me to weekly vegetables grown and harvested at One Acre Farm. This is a commitment between One Acre Farm CSA and me, and I acknowledge that I will share in the risks of the growing season along with other members and the farmer. I understand that one of these risks is a harvest shortage and I agree to accept that risk. It is my responsibility to pick up my share on time or to email If I do not pick up my share or have someone pick it up for me, my share will be donated elsewhere. I also understand my payment is nonrefundable.

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