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Pricing Options

Check out the options we offer to make it as seamless as possible to join.

Save 15% by signing up for Summer + Fall Seasons*
*(applicable to small and full shares only)
Pricing and Share Options
Summer + Fall (25 weeks : 5/14-11/21)
Summer (14 weeks: 5/14-8/22)
Fall (11 weeks: 9/10-11/21)
Mini (4-5 items)




Full (10-12 items)




Small (6-8 items)




Optional Add-Ons

Months           # of Weeks                   Share Size            Price

All Seasons

Every distribution week

1/2 pound


Summer Season

4 weeks 

1 bouquet


Winter Share

Months           # of Weeks                   Share Size            Price

December 6, 2023 - April 18, 2024

10 weeks, biweekly

6-8 items


At One Acre Farm we believe health insurance and a fair wage are rights, not privileges.

All too often farm employees are underpaid and under-supported. In 2019, Farmer Mike raised the farm's CSA prices by 15% in order to raise all employees' wages by 15%.  Although as an agricultural operation we are not required to pay Montgomery County's minimum wage, we believe paying a fair wage is essential, especially for those who grow our community's food.   


In 2022, recognizing a need for basic health insurance, we increased the cost per share by $50 to fully fund a yearly stipend for our employees’ healthcare costs. With the success of these additions, in 2023 it is evident we need to do even more to ensure our workforce is paid closer to a living wage. Therefore, in the same fashion of past years, we are committed to showing that our prices have a direct correlation to the wages people earn. We truly believe that happy and healthy employees will yield happy and healthy crops! 

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