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With collectively over 20 years of farming under our belt, One Acre Farm is run by a team of farmers who care deeply about the environment, the vegetable bounty and the community of people we feed. One thing is certain, this farm would not be what it is today without the hardwork and dedication of every single team member, which is why we are equally dedicated to making sure each member of our team can live and support their families off of the work they do here.

Farmer Mike

During his senior year of college, Farmer Mike was looking for something constructive to do. He decided to volunteer at a local farm and loved it. After pursuing a career in film for a few years, the land kept calling to him. Farmer Mike returned to farming, working at One Straw Farm in White Hall, MD. (One Acre Farm’s name is actually an homage to his mentors at One Straw Farm!) Farmer Mike is an instrumental advocate for the farming community, focused on bringing people together to fortify the local food economy and system.


Farm Manager Sophia

Sophia started farming in 2019 and has spent several seasons on vegetable farms of different sizes and a goat dairy farm. Sophia just joined One Acre Farm in September 2022 and manages the farm’s year-round CSA, including the farm’s newsletters and communications, as well as the employee benefit produce program with Adventist Healthcare Group. She loves finding efficient systems to keep the farm running smoothly and is always happy to jump into whatever task needs an extra hand. Sophia is an avid cook and loves to nerd out about the vegetables and all the possible dishes she can dream up.


Oscar has been working with Farmer Mike since 2010. He supervises and leads the team with harvesting, ensuring that what you get in your bag each week is at the peak of freshness. Additionally, Oscar is the guy for finding a solution, whether it be the best way to set up water in the barn, or support the tomatoes with proper metal trellising stakes. Oscar is our go-to for a quick, creative solution to any obstacle that comes our way - and anyone who knows the world of farming knows there are plenty of obstacles to overcome! 


The Farmers

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