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Gorgeous, delicious mushrooms grown right here in Montgomery County.

Flavorful, local, environmentally responsible.

We can't get enough of these mushrooms. Added the the CSA offerings in 2021, the mushroom share has been wildly popular, with rave reviews. It's the thing people look forward to most in their CSA bags.

Add to any meal to make a robust dish or saute and eat them right out of the pan. They're that good.

Mushroom Share

Months           # of Weeks                   Share Size            Price

All Seasons

Mushroom Share

Every distribution week

1/2 pound


The Mushroom Operation

Specialty Oyster Mushrooms

Doing it locally and fresh.

The mushrooms are picked within a couple days when you receive the mushrooms in your share. We work hard to ensure peak freshness.

Grown right here in Montgomery County.

In 2024 we are sourcing all of our mushrooms from a local operation, Happy Farm, located right here in Dickerson! 

The varieties you will receive may include:

  • grey oysteR

  • shitake

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