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Community Farm Share

Community FarmShare is a Montgomery County nonprofit which provides weekly bags of fresh local farm produce to families experiencing food insecurity in our community.  Community FarmShare’s model offers a win-win:

  • Food insecure families benefit by gaining weekly access to fresh, healthy, nutrient dense seasonal produce otherwise not easily accessible. 

  • Local vegetable farmers benefit by earning income for the nutritious produce they grow; which is important to build a resilient, local, environmentally conscious food system for all county residents. 

During 2021, Community FarmShare partnered with 7 local vegetable farms, including One Acre Farm, and provided 50 weekly bags of produce to families experiencing food insecurity in the county. By delivering this produce to families most in need for 25 weeks of the local farm’s growing season, families can rely on knowing where their next healthy meal is coming from, and at the same time, your local CSA farm is supported too!

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