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 Fresh Local Vegetables 
Delivered to Your Neighborhood
Every Week

The 2024 CSA Season is Open Now

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Eat Fresh Vegetables Directly From the Farm

Eat incredibly fresh food every single week from the farm down the road! Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to eat seasonal food with a close connection to the farm growing your food. Our CSA provides you the ability to receive high quality, extremely fresh produce grown locally using all organic growing principles!
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Know Where Your Food Comes From

Never second guess where your food is coming from again. Trust that a team of farmers who care deeply about the environment, the vegetable bounty and the community will be growing your food! Being certified naturally grown (CNG) and having collectively over 20 years of farming under our belt, you can rest assured that our vegetables will be the highest quality!
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Protect the Environment With Every Meal

Know you are helping protect the environment when you eat local! Not only do we use many farming practices like using organic fertilizers, never using synthetic chemicals, composting, cover crops, and many more to help build a more sustainable environment! When you eat local you are cutting back on a huge amount of carbon emissions VS when you buy grocery store foods shipped in from a thousand miles away!
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Try New Food all Year Round

Always eat food when it tastes the absolute best at peak season all year round! Eating food with different kinds of ingredients that are in season locally is maybe one of the coolest benefits to joining! Real food tastes extra good because it’s been grown in healthy soil with good practices and hasn't been sitting in a fridge for months on end. It's a part of our mission to develop food diversity and teach you and our communities how to eat seasonally! We will be right there to help you every step of the way!
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What's in the Bags?

You will have access to all types of veggies! Every week you will get a bag filled with 4-12 freshly harvested vegetables depending on the size of share you order. As the seasons and harvests change so will the types of vegetables you receive! We grow a huge variety of different vegetables for you, and If you don't see something you want you can even make a request and we will do our best to try and grow it for you!
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Choose from Several pick-up locations.

How Many Veggies are Right for You?

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flexible payment options


  • 4-5 Items per Week

  • Will Feed on Average One Person a Week

  • Up to 46 Varieties of Vegetables 

  • Priority Customer Support



flexible payment options


  • 6-8 Items per Week

  • Will Feed on Average 1-2 People a Week

  • Customizable Share Options

  • Up to 46 Varieties of Vegetables 

  • Priority Customer Support



flexible payment options


  • 10-12 Items per Week

  • Will Feed on Average 2-5 People a Week

  • Customizable Share Options

  • Up to 46 Varieties of Vegetables 

  • Priority Customer Support

There are three different sizes of bags to make sure you get the perfect fit for you & your family, we offer commitment free upgrades or downgrades so you are always welcome to change the size of bag you are getting after you sign up and try it out for a bit

Your Priority Customer Support Starts Now

What is a CSA?

A CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a great way to eat seasonal food with a close connection to the farm growing the food. CSAs provide you the ability to receive high quality, extremely fresh produce grown locally. When you enroll in our CSA, you are purchasing a share of vegetables from One Acre Farm for a season. ​ Community: When you enroll in our CSA, you join a community of food-loving adventurous eaters who believe in treating our earth with responsibly and with stewardship. Whether it's connecting with others at pick-ups, or sharing recipes in our online groups, or chatting with other members at our tours or Pick-Your-Own Day, there are many opportunities to engage with this robust community of farm loving folks. ​ Supported: This farm would not be possible without YOU, our members. By committing to a season, our farm is able to plan and not have to worry about selling produce already grown - it's already sold, to you! This allows us to just focus on growing and providing you with the highest quality, freshest produce we can! ​ Agriculture: One Acre Farm is a robust farm growing Certified Naturally Grown vegetables on 7 acres. We grow beautiful vegetables because we prioritize soil health. Only naturally derived amendments are incorporated into our fields, we plant cover crop on our fallow fields, and apply compost (and make our own compost, too!). Not only does agriculture mean growing methods but also the farm team: One Acre Farm pays, at a minimum, $16/hr (an average of $5 dollars more per hour than similar farms), and works hard to make our operation as efficient as possible, allowing our teams to go home, rest, and spend time with family. ​ CSAs are a win-win for consumers and farmers.

What is Certified Naturally Grown?

CNG is a transparent, inexpensive, rigorous and thorough certification that is well suited for small-medium sized growers, like One Acre Farm. The certification process is a peer-review, which prevents oversight, as well as keeping costs low. CNG farmers don’t use any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. CNG farmers are also focused on preserving and improving soil health and conservation. It's a great groundwork movement that is affordable for farmers and trustworthy for customers.

Should I Wash My Veggies

YES!! We advise that all of our CSA customers wash their vegetables before eating and cooking with them. We wash most of the vegetables we send out to you and have a series of steps we go through to ensure cleanliness. We have written a Food Safety Plan in accordance with GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) regulations and we use a sanitizer solution in our wash water. Our staff is trained on handwashing and cleanliness and we never use anything that has hit the floor. ​ However, we cannot ensure that all the soil and potential germs are gone by the time it leaves our farm. Please wash your produce before eating or cooking with clean water - for your safety!

What If I Can't Make My Pickup?

Depending on your pick-up location, we can leave your bag for you to pick-up after the time window. However, if you pick up at a business with operating hours, like 7 Locks Brewery, you will need to arrange for someone else to pick-up your bag as the business cannot extend their hours. If no one picks up your bag at a business location, the bag goes to the business' employees. ​ Please email us at least by 2pm the day before pick-up to coordinate an alternate pick-up time or inform us you will be unable to pick up that week. If you cannot pick-up that week, your share will be donated.

Can I Skip a Week?

You sure can. Log in to your Farmigo account and set a delivery hold for the week you would not like a share. When you choose to skip a week, you will be issued a credit at the end of the year that can be applied to purchasing the next season's Summer and/or Fall CSA share. We include the Winter CSA in the year it begins, so Winter CSA 23-24 is considered part of 2023. Unfortunately we cannot accept credits towards the purchase of a Winter share due to the costs of running this CSA. You are allowed 1 skipped week per calendar year. ​ So, if you sign up for the summer share only you get 1 skipped week. If you sign up for the fall share only you get 1 skipped week. If you sign up for both summer + fall then you get 1 skipped week. ​ You can certainly skip more if you will be away, but we can only offer credit for 1 skipped week for the total of the calendar year. ​ We do not issue refunds or make-up dates for skipped weeks.

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One Acre Farm Community

When you become part of the One Acre Farm Community, getting weekly access to vegetables grown using organic-growing principles is just a small part of it.
What you’re really joining is a community that believes the environment should be protected, local businesses should thrive, and paying workers a fair wage should be standard. 
Growing since 2008
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