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Winter Share

A new and exciting offering, the Winter Share will provide you with nutritious local and delicious vegetables throughout the winter months.
10 weeks of fresh and cured vegetables!

Every other week, December - April. 10 weeks total.

Start date: Week of December 1st

End date: Week of April 12th

Long break for holidays, off the weeks of December 20th and December 27th.


$400 for 10 weeks of vegetables ($40/week).

We offer payment plans as well as payment in full. All major credit cards are accepted forms of payment.

Pick-up Locations

We offer three options:

1. Rockville, MD - Saints Row Brewery

Wednesday, 5-7pm

2. Dickerson/Poolesville, MD - One Acre Farm

Wednesday, 4-6pm

3. Washington, DC (Capitol Hill) - Hill's Kitchen

Thursday, 4-6pm

4. Washington, DC (the Palisades) - The Palisades Hub

Thursday 3:30 - 5:30 pm



Unlike the Summer and Fall shares, the Winter Share is one size only. All members of the Winter Share will receive a chock-full grocery bag of veggies during distribution weeks.
The vegetables we pack for you will be in hearty amounts, to get you through the two weeks until your next pick-up.
What will be in my share?

You will receive 5-7 items from One Acre Farm, with some items supplemented by Franklin Sustainable Farms, a local co-op we work with. You will always know when something is not from our farm.

The share will be predominately greens and cured vegetables. Some of the things you might get in the winter share are:

  • garlic

  • sweet potatoes

  • winter squash

  • shallots

  • kale

  • chard

  • lettuce

  • lettuce mix

  • spinach

  • Asian greens

  • radishes

  • turnips

  • carrots

  • potatoes

All items will be washed. All items will be packed and bagged for your convenience and safety.

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