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Spring Farm Tour at One Acre Farm

Updated: May 18, 2021

Come out to the farm to meet Farmer Mike and the farm team. Learn about how One Acre Farm grows veggies and maintains (and improves) the health and resilience of the farm's soil. Meet the rest of the team that works hard to provide the community with beautiful fresh produce.

When: Sunday, May 23rd, 2021

Time: 12:45 PM

Where: One Acre Farm, 18608 Wasche Road, Dickerson, MD 20842

What: Take a walk around One Acre Farm with Farmer Mike and the farm team to learn about the farm and get acquainted with the people you trust to grow you great food.

Who: Everybody. You don't need to rsvp, just show up on time. Bring a friend. Bring your mom, too. But don't bring your dog.

Note: Please bring and wear masks. No dogs. This will be an outside event. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing.

We are not going to enforce social distancing with marks on the ground or anything like that. We also cannot promise that this will be a crowd-controlled event. We are trusting people to use common sense and respect others, so use your discretion.


Last year, we couldn’t greet people at all locations or do grocery style pick-up because of Covid.

We’ve heard that people really miss the grocery style pick-up, because they got to pick out their own veggies and they could hang out with people.

The grocery style pick-up is very unique and for the last 11 years, Farmer Mike was able to pull it off. But then when Covid hit, we had to pre-pack and bag everything, and our pick-ups became contactless. We sure did miss connecting people but with this pivot, we were able to get home for dinner and spend time with our loved ones after work.

We are trying to establish this farm as an example of how a farm can be a “real” business, with happy employees and happy customers. The farm crew does not work on the weekends because that frequently leads to burnout. And we firmly believe that because we do not ask our employees to work crazy long days or the weekend, that that is why they have returned year after year and really love the farm. And most importantly, take pride in growing beautiful food for you.

Your food is grown by well-paid, well-cared for farm employees.

We’re trying our best to be engaging, honest, and real with you. We want you to be part of the community and to be able to see the people who grow your food. We’ve scratched our brains endlessly to find a solution and the reality is, we just can’t take on the cost of paying someone to be at pick-ups. And we can’t ask someone who has already worked a full day to work even longer.

So, this year we won't be returning to grocery style pick-up but this is what we're going to do to give you more choice and also keep that community feel.

  1. We're continuously thinking of ways we can incorporate grocery style choice into our pick-ups. A merge of contactless and grocery style, if you will. Stay tuned for more info on this.

  2. SPRING TOUR, SPRING TOUR, SPRING TOUR. Mark your calendars, folks, for you will want to be there. Sunday, May 23rd. See details above.

  3. As with every year, we will have a Pick-Your-Own Day again this year. This is an opportunity to come out to the farm the week before Thanksgiving and harvest the year's bounty.

  4. And, we hope this year we'll be able to have our Annual Farm Party to celebrate the CSA community.

  5. A Fall Tour for those who want to see the farm in different seasons. Who wouldn't?!

We hope you join us for another year of Community Supported Eating!

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