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Updated pick-up policies

CSA Pickup (subject to change)

  1. Safety masks are required.

  2. We are providing the location and procedures for the drop-off point to our members.

  3. There is signage on our farm communicating hours of operation and safety rules.

  4. One Acre Farm employees have clean hands and wear long sleeved shirts when dealing with the public. We will wear clean gloves and wash gloves if they have touched anything that may have encountered COVID.

  5. Members can only touch what we hand them.

  6. We have a clean and sanitized 6 ft table set up in front of employees for receiving produce.

  7. All shares will be pre-packed and bagged.

  8. We aim to have no more than 10 people on the property at a time. If a line forms, we will have 6 ft intervals chalked on the pavement or markers on the ground to show spacing.

  9. We wash & sanitize all equipment between uses.

  10. Employees are not allowed to come to work if they are sick.

  11. We implement safety procedures for all farm employees.

Site specific (subject to change as we get closer to start date):

  • On-farm pick-up: We will have a designated pick-up spot on farm property – the South side of the barn. The operation will be no-contact pick-up. It will be a “drive-through style” in which you will receive a pre-packed bagged share. A One Acre Farm employee will place the bag in member’s opened car trunk.

  • Capitol Hill: One Acre Farm’s van will be parked in alleyway with a 6ft table placed 6 feet adjacent to van. This is the table upon which members will receive your pre-packed bagged share, one at a time. Please form a line 6ft apart from each other (distance will be marked).

  • Rockville: No contact pick-up. Pre-packed bagged shares with member’s name marked on bag.

  • Wootton Oaks: No contact pick-up. Pre-packed bagged shares with member’s name marked on bag.

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