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Chilly mornings - Newsletter Week 4

It's been a cold and rainy start to October around here! Due to the rapid weather changes we really had to make some quick shifts in our daily procedures. Now instead of bunching the kale, chard, and brussels sprout greens out in the field as we normally do, we harvest them in bulk and do the bunching work indoors where our hands have more mobility. Despite the chilliness, it is reassuring to see happy plants chugging along outside!

Most of the washing and bagging that we normally do in the barn has now been moved into our warm office space. Our squash cooler is now sometimes warmer than the outdoor temperature - what an odd experience!

Since farming can be such a physically taxing job, we are always trying to find ways to make the tasks easier on our bodies. Whether that's adjusting the order of operations to stay as warm as possible or finding more ergonomic positions for repetitive tasks - it's all worth it!

We are also noticing that we are about 2 weeks behind with some of our fall crops, like broccoli and kohlrabi. After some reflection we remembered that the plant nursery that we buy from had COVID staffing issues in the Spring and thus we got our plants later than usual throughout the season. Little things like that can really affect a farm down the line!

But despite (or maybe because) of the stretch of wet days our fall crops are looking quite luscious. And now with the sun joining us, things are really jumping into gear and we're getting excited to put some new items in your CSA bags!

And speaking of tasty fall veggies, I'm starting to shift towards different flavors as I'm cooking these days. I'm reaching deeper in my cabinets to find the warm spices again and adding aromatic herbs like sage and thyme to soups and roasted vegetables.

If you're also thinking along these lines, maybe you're dreaming and planning for the next big food holiday - Thanksgiving! Our friends over at Farms, Foodies and Friends are planning a delightful cooking class to help you prepare for the big feast. After cooking and getting all sorts of helpful tips, everyone will sit down and enjoy the dishes made during the class. Read all about it below and save yourself a space!

Finally, I'd like to once again plug our Fall Farm Party coming up next Saturday, the 15th! It's going to be a lot of fun with music from Herb and Hanson, good eating from Farms, Foodies, and Friends, and fun and games for all ages! We are looking forward to seeing you on the farm and celebrating the season with you. (Just a reminder that NO DOGS are allowed, thank you!)

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