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Delicata Squash

This is oh so good! How to store and prepare.

Delicata squash is a lovely addition to fall meals. Sweet, nutty, and full of flavor, this squash has no comparison. It also caramelizes beautifully, so it's a pretty and delicious addition to any meal.

To properly store, keep on kitchen counter or in pantry, out of direct sunlight, in a cool dry place. Try to use within two weeks. You can try to keep them longer, but once you start to see any sort of shriveling or bruising, cut them up and eat!

One of the neat things about delicata squash is that the skin is delicate, hence, "delicata." You can eat the whole squash, except for the hard stem. The skin is good!

Because there's no need to peel the skin, the delicata squash is super easy to prepare. When ready to eat, simply rinse under water, trim off the hard stems, and roast, bake, or add to your favorite dish.

There are many unique ways to cook delicata squash:

  1. Stuff and bake whole

  2. Cut in half and stuff, bake

  3. Slice into rings and roast with dates and chicken

  4. Add to a hearty soup

  5. Braise

These recipes are from NYTimes Cooking, but you can find some great recipes by a simple search, like these or these!

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