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Welcoming Fall - And a Party! - Newsletter Week 2

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Whether you’ve already started decorating with pumpkins and drinking apple cider with gusto or are clinging to the last tomato sandwiches and mourning warmer days – fall is officially upon us. Gazing out of the window, one could be fooled by the bright blue skies and still-green trees into thinking that summer is still with us. But step outside this morning and you can’t ignore the crisp breeze!

Here at the farm, we’ve been immersed in fall preparations for a while, planting a host of baby plants, from kale to broccoli to brussels sprouts. They’re thriving in this temperate weather and our weekly field walks are revealing kohlrabi bulbs filling out and luscious greens waving in the wind.

This time of year is always a good reminder to slow down and step back from the boundless energy of summer. We start looking towards the months of rest and dormancy, both for our fields and for us. There are projects to catch up on and new ones to plan for. The shares we pack each week are getting greener and heartier with kale, potatoes, and squash.

Thankfully though this seasonal shift doesn’t happen overnight, despite what the calendar claims! We are still harvesting sweet peppers, eggplant, and okra and soaking up the warm sun in the afternoons. It’s a great time for eating local with all the seasonal overlap and we are so happy to share that with all of you.

Speaking of – we invite you to come celebrate the season with us at our Fall Party on October 15th! There will be good food, a bouncy house obstacle course, and live music from the great Herb & Hanson. We will also have a little fundraiser to support bluebird habitat on the farm with bird houses from The Backyard Naturalist. Each birdhouse purchased at the party will be installed around the farm to encourage nesting and give our birds a safe home. Each year you can return to the farm and see your birdhouse in action.

We look forward to welcoming you at the farm – it’s always nice to see the ‘community’ aspect of our CSA all in one place!

The details:

  • Saturday, October 15th, 2022

  • 2:30-6:30 pm

  • One Acre Farm, 18608 Wasche Road, Dickerson, MD, 20842

  • Pull into the farm and we will direct you to the proper parking area.

  • There will be a bouncy house obstacle course for kids and live music from Herb & Hanson (they're SO GOOD).

  • We encourage you to bring snacks; food for purchase will be announced soon!

  • This is a farm party, so dress for being outside with whatever weather mid-October might bring.

  • Absolutely NO DOGS! Thanks!

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