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Starting a New Chapter...

Hello One Acre Farm Members,

It has been quite some time since I, Farmer Mike, have written to you.

My reason for taking over this week’s newsletter is two-fold: 1) Charlotte needed a break, 2) It only makes sense if I break the bad news to you.

After an amazing four years of service, this September will be Charlotte’s last month managing the farm. This is not easy for me to say – this spring, when Charlotte let me know that this year would be her last, it rocked me to my core.

I have always thought of Charlotte not as a hard-worker or an employee. Not as a manager, or even a supervisor. I have only ever really thought of her as a partner and friend.

She has taken this small business and transformed it in such a way that I can’t even begin to explain.

With her help, we have transformed this farm into the industry’s standard. The farm has grown three-fold (!) and every year has gotten better and better. Working together at the on-set of the pandemic, we created a system to get food to our members that is so impressive, other farmers come to tour our operation to learn what we do. She has added polish and standardization to the farm, setting our employees up for success so they can do the best job they can and want to do. Charlotte has been the force behind quality control (trust me, before Charlotte, quality control was not part of my farm vernacular), and adding forward-thinking attributes to our CSA, like share customization.

She really is the engine that steers the ship. I say that with complete humility. No decisions get made without her input. Charlotte has been a trusted advisor, friend, and leader.

I thought that as we wrap up the summer season it was important for me to tell you this news. Send Charlotte a note, wish her well. I know for certain that whatever Charlotte does in her next chapter, she will apply her honesty, integrity, grit, and determination to make whatever project she next works on, as fantastic as possible.


Farmer Mike

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