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Feeling like a kid watching a dump truck

You know the fascination that many young kids have with watching big construction vehicles? Eyes glued to the big wheels and mountains of dirt getting moved here and there. Well I don't think that really goes away with adulthood. At least not for us here at the farm!

For the past couple of days we've had some big earth movers and other trucks zooming around to a chorus of beeps, providing us with that childlike fascination. They are working to level what used to be a big swath of grass in preparation for our 3rd high tunnel!

If you've ever visited the farm, you know we have 2 long greenhouse structures we call high tunnels. These allow us to grow food during the winter and also to plant summer veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers earlier than would normally work out in the field. Their plastic covering keeps it extra toasty inside and allows us to create a (relatively) controlled environment.

Thanks to a capacity-building grant awarded Manna Food Center, we are now able to construct a 3rd one! Since none of the land around here is perfectly flat, the first step has been to level a patch of ground behind the two high tunnels we already have.

It's always exciting to have lots of activity at the farm and especially so when it means we'll have more growing space! Additionally, through the grant we received, a good amount of the produce grown in this 3rd high tunnel will offered to Manna Food Center so they can continue to provide good, local food to the communities that need it.

We'll keep you updated as the construction progresses. In the meantime, find us out back captivated by the big trucks, just like when we were kids.

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