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Guest post from Chef Josh!

To switch things up, today I'm passing the pen to Chef Josh from Foodies, Farms, and Friends! He's written a great post with tips for using your shares, especially if you've been busy and the veggies have been lounging in the fridge for a bit!

Read on and definitely check out their website for more tips, recipes, and to sign up for cooking classes or catering.

So, Shelley and I have been busy with cooking classes, cooking demos and private events the last several weeks. When that happens, I am cooking less at home and in three fast weeks I realized I never used a single thing in my last few CSA shares!

No worries though! Given everything is so fresh, and I stored things properly in my fridge, we can use everything!! The one item that needed rapid use was my eggplant. So, I cut it in half, roasted it in the oven and made baba ganoush! I then enjoyed it the next day for a snack and boy it was great!

Day 2: I roasted a chicken and sauteed my beet stems and leaves for a veggie and made butternut squash mash!!!

Day 3: I sauteed mushrooms with garlic and sauteed my greens with garlic and olive oil. We served that with some roasted sweet potatoes and grilled salmon fillet. I should note that I separated out my shiitake mushrooms and let them dry out at room temperature. I will re-hydrate those later with water when I am ready to use them.

I am still working through the rest of the items and will update you on how things are used. Know that Shelley and I are always here to answer any of your questions. Make sure you follow us on social media, consider signing up for a cooking class or have us cater your next celebration. Find lots of information on our website! We are just an email or phone call away!


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