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July Farm Update - It's Hot Out There!

Hello members and friends of One Acre Farm! We're a week into July and it sure feels like it. While this means us farmers are extra sweaty and reminding each other to drink extra water, our summer plants are very happy! The veggies are filling out and ripening before our very eyes, sometimes faster than we can keep up with. The skies are full of big, fluffy clouds and the occasional storm blows in to bring some welcome cool air.

It's been a while since I've done a general farm update, so I thought now would be a great time. So much is happening and ripening and bursting forth! Read on to see what July looks like at One Acre Farm!

Cucumbers have been showing up in shares for the past couple of weeks, but up until now they've all been from our high tunnel crop. These guys got a head start in Spring so we could bring their tastiness to you early. Now we're pulling in bin after bin from the field which means we've got new varieties to introduce!

Tasty Green - my favorite for flavor and crunch!
Green 18 - a classic slicer
Poona Kheera - a sweet and mild Indian variety with distinctive yellow-brown skin

Also in our high tunnels are tomatoes! These have steadily getting taller and taller as we string them up on trellises. Green fruit has been tempting us for weeks but now finally we're seeing some color creeping in! We'll be picking the first harvest this coming week, I can't wait!

Caiman - these will be red
Mai Tai - these will turn yellow

Eggplant and peppers are also making their appearances. Pristine, shiny eggplants from the high tunnel are just starting and we have some hot peppers from the field. Jalapeno and poblano peppers will be available as a store item this week.

Poblano peppers - great from stuffing and frying
Jalapeno peppers - vegetal and medium spicy
Purple, glossy, and beautiful!

We have a little experimental plot in the old orchard area where I've been planting herbs and greens, so we'll be offering some bunches of each in the store that you can sub in for your Flex items!


Our first planting of green beans are coming in hot and fast, we almost have to pick them daily jut to keep up.

And last but not least, we have harvested all of the garlic! It will now be hung in the barn to dry for the next number of weeks.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour around the farm! It's definitely a busy time of year but we sure are lucky to be surrounded by such great food. Thanks for reading!

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