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Lookin' fresh

Baby things are always cute, right? Baby ducks, baby dogs, baby humans, the list is kinda endless. Here at One Acre Farm we think baby plants should be on that list too! Baby scallions, baby spinach? Super cute!

While most of our baby plant exposure comes in the Spring, we are getting a nice reminder of that now as we’re planting for our Winter CSA. Our two high tunnels are quickly filling up with green vegetables of all kinds! As the outside world is settling down for a restful winter, it’s nice to see the tunnels brimming with new life.

From left to right: scallions, cutting lettuce, and arugula.

What lovely, luscious greens as October ends!

From left to right: kale, spinach, and tat soi.

On another note, if you came to our Fall Party last Saturday you probably enjoyed some delectable food from Foodies, Farms, and Friends. They provided delicious brats, chili, hot dogs, pumpkin soup, and sweet treats. Luckily for us, they are sharing their cooking knowledge with us through two cooking class options this Fall!

The first will be "How to Prepare a Thanksgiving Feast" on October 30th. Later they will host a "Holiday Gift Cooking Class" on November 6th. Find all the details here and sign up to learn and cook with these talented folks!

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