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Our 2023 One Acre Farm Crew!

Hello friends of the farm! We are officially two full weeks into the summer season and things are just about leaping out the fields themselves. We are bringing in bulk harvests of cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce and getting just the first mini harvests of fun summer items like cucumbers and zucchini.

But enough of all that vegetable talk, today I'm here to introduce our team for the year! You can find everyone listed on the "Farmers" page of our website, but I thought it was important enough to warrant a blog post as well.

Our crew is made up of quite a number of new folks this year, so read on to get to know the smiling faces behind your weekly share of produce!

Oscar is the one face you might indeed recognize, he has been with One Acre Farm since the very early days. He always has new ideas how to approach a problem and has invaluable skills to keep all our complicated systems running. He leads the harvesting team and loves to snack on extra greens throughout the day. Thank you Oscar!

Jaime is a new member of the farm crew, joining us from Mexico this year. He is also the youngest among us, eager to learn and quick to pick up new tasks. He loves to smile and joke which makes working alongside him a delight. He works alongside Oscar and Gerardo to harvest all the veggies. He's also part of many little farm maintenance projects to keep everything looking spick and span around here. Gracias Jaime!

Gerardo is also new this year and also from Mexico. He is a calm and steady force on the team and a talented communicator. Even when English and Spanish are colliding! Gerardo works with Oscar and Jaime on the harvest team and is becoming adept at differentiating between the different types of kale, chard, and collard greens. He also often wields the weedwhacker to keep up with the ever-present weeds on the farm! Gracias Gerardo!

Lorena is part of our wash-pack crew in the barn, joining us for her first year as well. You have her to thank for making sure your vegetables arrive looking as pretty and clean as possible! She is a very quick learner and seems to always be one step ahead of the process. She is also part of the team that packs the shares for delivery three days a week, carefully layering the different shapes and sizes of produce into bags. Thank you Lorena!

Cynthia is the other half of our wash-pack crew, here as a new team member. She is also to thank for making sure your vegetables arrive in pristine condition. She has a great eye for cleanliness and routine and thus our packhouse barn looks the best it has in quite some time! Thanks Cynthia!

And in case you haven't met me yet, I'm the person behind all the emails you receive about CSA stuff! I joined the farm in October of 2022 and I'm loving it. I worked on a couple of vegetable farms and one goat dairy farm in Virginia before this and it feels great to still be in the farming world. I love to cook and eat good food so I'm always dreaming up recipes and menus throughout the days surrounded by such lovely produce!

Last but definitely not least, Farmer Mike! The guy that makes all of this possible, though he would downplay his contributions. He may consider himself an unlikely farmer or downplay his successes, but we the crew think he's pretty great! Mike loves finding the most efficient way to do a task and empowering his team to do their jobs with confidence. He also loves whipping around the farm on whichever farm vehicle he's driving for the day! Thanks Farmer Mike!

There you have it, the 2023 One Acre Farm crew! We're all so happy to be growing your food and stewarding this land - thanks for being part of the community!

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