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Pickles + Sandwiches + Salads

The summer trifecta - pickles, sandwiches, and salads. When the days get hot and humid and making dinner seems like a herculean task at the end of the day, this trio is what I turn to.

Summer produce as a category lends itself so well to minimal, if any, cooking. The days of tomato sandwiches or marinated zucchini salads or pickle and cheese plates are here!

I wanted to share a few easy summer recipes that I love that fully celebrate the bounty of the season, so here we go!

Cucumbers are a great snack in and of themselves, sliced with a bit of salt sprinkled on top. But go a step further and preserve them in vinegar and you've got pickles that are amazing on burgers, sandwiches, a cheese plate, or just as a handheld snack from the fridge.

This recipe uses the "fridge pickle" technique which doesn't involve any complicated canning equipment or knowledge. Little pickling cucumbers, or kirby cucumbers, are best for this recipe as they stay wonderfully crisp. I've done it with other varieties and you'll still get a very tasty pickle, just less crunchy.

Next up is my go-to summer meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Tomato sandwiches, or toasts as this recipe calls them. My basic requirements for this delight are good tomatoes, good mayo, and good toast. Since the tomato really makes this simple meal into something amazing, don't sacrifice on this ingredient! Choose the best heirlooms or juiciest slicers and you can't go wrong. Then you can go as fancy as you want with other toppings and spreads. Make an herb mayo to slather on the toast or top the whole thing with a slice of crispy bacon - any which way you take it, the results will be delectable.

And last but not least, salads! Lettuce salads are a simple, easy go-to, however, with all this summer vegetable variety there are so many different options. Grill some zucchini and toss it with fresh herbs, feta or mozzarella cheese, and a tangy dressing. It only gets better in the fridge. Ever tried panzanella? Essentially a tomato and bread salad, the tomato juices, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar soften the toasted bread, mingling the textures in a wonderful way.

Summer eating is truly the best! I hope you give these ideas a try and as always, thanks for reading and being part of our farm community!

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