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Spring Farm Tour 2022

We find the silver lining even when it's raining!

For the past 10 plus years that One Acre Farm has been in business, Farmer Mike has invited CSA and the greater community members to the farm for a tour (almost) each spring and fall. It’s always an educational time and followed by a lot of fun.

This year, we did not let the rain stop us. We went ahead with the day with the mentality of, “Farming doesn’t stop for rain, so why should a tour about farming stop?” A big part of farming is finding the positive even when times seem bleak. We can’t control the weather; all we can do is move forward and try our best during trying circumstances.

So, the tour went on! We had a wonderful crew of about 30 people attend, decked out in rain gear. The "best dressed" was dressed in a head-to-toe pink water repellent jumpsuit. She was ready!

Farmer Mike took us around the fields, showing us the different varieties planted. He also explained the difference between conventional and organic growing practices, described how we conserve water through our irrigation system, and spoke about the importance of soil health. As we passed by fields with cover crop, Farmer Mike spoke about the importance of planting these nutrient replenishing plants as well as the benefits of incorporating the material into the fields. Cover crops allow fields to rest and help keep nutrients in the field.

After the tour, full of questions and good banter, we headed back to the barn where attendees made rounds visiting the various organizations in attendance. Joe Long from Honey Effects Apiary gave out samples of local honey and spoke about beneficial pollinators and what the bees do for the local ecosystem and farm. Shelley Heron and Josh Carin of Foodies Farms and Friends introduced attendees to their exciting new company that connects community members with local farms and goods of the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve, as well as teaching people how to use those items for delicious meals. Jennifer Freeman shared about Community FarmShare, a nonprofit dedicated to alleviating food insecurity and bolstering fresh produce access in Montgomery County. Also in attendance were the swell folks of the Compost Crew. They brought attendees to their composting outpost and explained what composting was all about and the interesting work they are doing here at One Acre Farm.

Lastly, One Acre Farm Mushroom Farmer Stefan showed us the mushroom fruiting chamber, spoke about the ecological mindfulness with which we grow mushrooms, and the nutritional benefits of mushrooms. They’re groovy!

It was a great day, and all had a great time, even in the rain! We were able to come together, celebrate, and learn as a community.

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