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The community, the support, and of course, the agriculture

The CSA share purchase is an odd one, when you really think about it. At least in our time and place, what else do you buy 6 months at a time? Rent? Month-by-month. Toilet paper? 6-12 rolls at a time. Even most of American's grocery habits are on a weekly or multiple-times-a-week basis.

So when we put the CSA proposal in front of you in February, 6 or 7 months of vegetables from us on a weekly basis, it's a big ask! The rest of our lives, and more pertinently our budgets, are divided up into much smaller chunks.

We recognize that it can be a big commitment, joining us for the farming season. It's a big thing for us too! Even after 15 years of the business, there is still a leap of faith at the beginning of every season. Hopefully everything will grow and produce like we expect, like we've promised our members. Hopefully Mother Nature doesn't wallop us with a drought or heavy floods and ruin our carefully-made plans.

But that's the magic with farming. No matter how much experience you have and no matter how much you plan, it's all up for grabs. We do our best to start with the best from the beginning, continually investing in soil health and purchasing quality seeds to get a strong foundation. We create efficient systems to plant, harvest, wash, pack, and everything in between so that our whole team can do their best work. But you still never know!

Plants are wonderful creatures that we try hard to cultivate and manage to provide you all with delicious food. And then one day insects sweep in and now your lettuce crop is gone. Or maybe this is the year that the crew trellises the tomatoes perfectly and we get a bumper crop!

It is that initial investment of money and support from our members that helps to keep us afloat during the tough times. There are investments of equipment, technology, or people that are truly made possible by that 6 month commitment you all make! And it's not just the money. We are growing vegetables to feed you and your community and we really do value your support and belief in our farm. It's all in the name!

It's a big commitment for everyone involved. We get that! But without our members and customers it just wouldn't work. We are here to grow food for our community and we are so glad that you are making the leap of faith along with us.

Here's to another successful year of community supported agriculture - we'll make it happen together!

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