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CSA Tips to Make the Most of Your Share and Enjoy It, Too!

  1. By noon on the day of your share, we will send out what you will be receiving in your bag.

  2. Check out this seasonality calendar to see what you can expect during each month of your CSA.

  3. Bring your own shopping bags!

  4. Be on time. If you can’t get to the pick-up location in time, please email us and we’ll pack a bag for you.

    1. If you cannot make it that day, we cannot keep your share for another pick-up time or location. Please send a friend.

  5. If you find that you can’t use all the produce in a week, reach out to some friends to alternate weeks with you. For instance, we have several members who alternate weeks between two couples or four friends!

  6. All of our produce is washed, however, you should always wash again before consuming, just as an extra precaution.

  7. Our blog (good thing you're there already!) has regular updates about our procedure for the COVID-19 pandemic.

  8. Canning and preserving are your best friends during the season and it can be easy (he-he).

  9. We do not have volunteer days. In normal years (and this is definitely not a normal year) we have had two Farm Parties, one in the spring and another in the fall. Hopefully we'll be able to gather together in the fall this year.

  10. If you need to make changes to how you pay, you can do this yourself on your Farmigo account.

  11. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@oneacrefarmmd). We regularly post recipes, as well as what we’re up to on the farm.

If you have a question, please email us,!

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