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Go Pick Some Berries - Newsletter for Week 7

All along the borders of the fields are berry bushes. Blackberries and wineberries (or some folks call them red caps) bursting forth from the green understory like fireworks. As the days get hot and the work gets monotonous with harvesting, giving ourselves a moment to snack on some fresh berries is a special moment of respite. It’s also nice to interact with something other than vegetables!

We’ve been reflecting on how this July feels this year. July is always a marker in the timeline of a farm. It’s hot, the plants we’re harvesting from are scratchy (or pointy sharp – watch out for those eggplant!) and low to the ground, things are growing like mad, the sun is beating down on us ferociously, the tasks are monotonous and slow. We keep trudging on.

But this year, July feels a bit different. It feels a little lighter, a little more free and less burdensome than previous years. Sure, we’ve dealt with a decent number of challenges, but we’re still okay. We’re still okay.

That’s a pretty great accomplishment for a small business: to find your team sailing through challenges with clarity, relative ease, and positivity. Perhaps that’s what resiliency is all about.

Seeing this progress, imagine how good it will be next year or in five or ten years. There’s so much potential. So, for now, we’re going to feel good about being okay during July and go pick some berries.

Thank you for your support.

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