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It's HOT - Newsletter for Week 8

Wow, it's a real hot one out there today. The heat has actually gotten dangerous for the crew to be outside, so we have all retreated to our homes or to the pool or to the cooling waters of the local rivers and creeks.

This morning, we harvested potatoes. They look fantastic and are BIG. All that hard work put into building the soil has paid off.

With this extremely hot weather, farmers will see a dip in the growth of their fruits and veggies. Just like humans can't do much in the hot weather, plants - like what we grow here - can't either. There's a tipping point.

The dip in growth means stagnation. All that can grow in this heat are the zucchini and peppers. The tomatoes out in the field are slowly making their way out, as well. But with this heat, all progress is hindered. Makes you wonder what growing in this region will be like in 5, 10, 50 years...

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