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New for 2022: Customized Shares and Skipping Weeks

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

We heard you! The people want customization! And vacation time!

Planned for the 2022 CSA season is a new and exciting way of customizing your shares to better accommodate your preferences. We hope this will also reduce food waste! You can also skip up to two weeks. If you decide to skip a week, you will receive credit that can be applied to a future CSA season purchase.

Now, this is our first time trying this out, so we're learning as we go. We appreciate your patience and understanding.



Each week we will have a "Base Share" of 5-7 items, depending on your share size, that are rigid or cannot be modified. You will be given credits to add "Flex Items," which are items that you have free choice to add to your share. The number of credits you get depends on your share size. Small Share members get up to three credits; Full Share members get up to five credits.

Let's work through what this will look like for you. Let's say you have a Small Share and it's the beginning of the summer season. You receive an email from us that informs what will be in your Base Share:

  • Salad turnips

  • Kale

  • Radishes

  • Lettuce

  • Broccoli

The email also includes the Flex Items you can choose from:

  • Arugula

  • Spinach

The store has available:

  • Green onions (scallions)

  • Chard

  • Collard greens

  • Beets

With this information, you can then log in to your Farmigo account and select items you want to sub for the Flex Items, from the store. As a Small Share CSA member, you have two credits to use. In this example, you decide to use your credits to select green onions and chard from the store.

Here are the instructions for selecting your Flex Items:

  1. Using the link in the email, log in to your Farmigo account.

  2. You will be prompted to the online store.

  3. Look at your cart. You will see the Flex Items in the cart.

  4. Modify your cart for removing or adding Flex Items and replacing with available options from the store.

  5. "Check out." Follow the prompts to check out. This ensures the farmers receive your order. Since we're dealing with credits, you won't have to worry about any sort of money exchange. This is all part of your CSA membership.

  6. If you want to order more of something - say, several pounds of zucchini for making a big batch of zucchini bread - you can add additional orders of zucchini to your cart. You will be charged upon checkout. We do charge for these special orders. If any questions about special orders, please email

There are some rules for the customization. They're pretty simple, but important.

Rule #1: The store is only open Friday-Sunday. You have three days to customize your share.

Rule #2: If you do not make any changes to your share, the farmers will decide what to put in your share as your Flex Items.

Rule #3: There are certain items of which we may only have limited amounts. This system is first come, first serve. The earlier you log in and select your choices, the better likelihood you get what you want.


Skipping Weeks

Those who are not farmers go on vacation. If you do happen to not be a farmer and can get out of town, go for it! We support you.

A very exciting feature of the CSA this year is you will have the ability to skip up to two weeks. This means a bag will not be packed for you and at the end of the season you will be credited a dollar amount that can be applied to your next CSA membership purchase.

For the past 10+ years we have urged families "share the veggie love" by having friends or family pick up their bags when out of town. This is always an option and we encourage you to continue this tradition. Another alternative is to donate your share instead of skipping the week. Whatever you prefer.

To skip a week, log in to your Farmigo account. Go to the tab, "Delivery Hold" and enter the dates you would like to skip.

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1 Comment

May 27, 2022

Love the idea of flex credits ! This is a great addition.

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