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Newsletter - June 24

Summer crops are starting to fruit! A handful of banana peppers and zucchini are started to show their bright shiny faces. We’ve harvested a handful of tomatoes from the high tunnel, too.

Today Josh Carin and Shelley Heron from Foodies Farms & Friends came by to visit the farm and chat with the team. We spoke about the importance of local farms in the community, the benefits of a CSA model, and how the quality of fresh local vegetables that you get through your local farm is the best there is. It was great to spend time with them on this beautiful day.

Afterwards, the team took a moment to celebrate doing such a great job in the face of so many challenges over the past couple of weeks by having lunch along the Potomac River. This truly was a glorious day and sitting by the river, enjoying the nice breeze, was a treat.

This week in the field we spent most of our time, other than harvesting, weeding. The high occurrences of rain we’ve had recently has really caused a huge spike in weed growth. We’re trying desperately to keep the weeds at bay. Yesterday, we weeded the soybeans! They look really good, and we’re excited to share those with you.

Thank you to all who sent in kind notes of praise and encouragement in response to our Monday note. We really appreciate your understanding! This week went smoothly – we ironed out some kinks, brainstormed some solutions, and addressed some challenges we’ve been having recently (mostly with things breaking down – arg). We believe we’re in a much better place now and are looking towards the rest of the season with optimism and positivity.

Hope you’re having a fun time cooking with what was in your share this week. A great treasure trove for inspiration and advice is the One Acre Farm CSA Members Facebook Group. Check it out!

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