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Spring Farm Update

Important Note: We are now offering the ability for CSA members to customize their shares. Read on.

The sky is cloudy and grey, there is a coolness to the morning, reminiscent of the early hours of dawn during the summer. We’re approaching the hottest months of the year, and this short time of sweatshirts and warm tea feels luxurious. The calm and coolness are precious.

It won’t last long, and maybe that’s why now feels so special. We know what’s about to come: scorching heat. Gone will be the cozy sweatshirts and tea, replaced with wide brimmed hats and ice water.

Spring is when farmers are frantic, constantly planting and weeding, preparing for the growing season. The plants in the soil are growing slowly, in stark contrast to the humans running around above them. When the weather gets warmer, the farmers will slow down, slogging through the heat unable to keep up with the plants growing with ferocity.

Against all odds, the plants thrive. That’s why we prioritize soil health, so we can trust the soil to supply the plants with what they need to grow beautiful fruits and vegetables. It puts just a little less pressure on the farmers.

This is our fifth season growing at 18608 Wasche Road. The soil is rocky, full of Seneca Sandstone, a warm red rock that chips apart into slabs perfect for a stone fence. If you’re ever looking for rock, you now know who to call… Part of growing here at this location is removing the rocks, manually. The team moves through the field, as an organism, picking through the soil, placing any rocks found into a bucket. Once full, we dump the buckets into a farm utility vehicle and continue. It’s a process that will never end, but it’s getting better.

We’re putting in the hard work now, so we won’t have to (hopefully) work so hard in the future. Just like with soil health; create a good foundation and the rest all falls into place.

Part of a good foundation is our community. This community of CSA members, supporters, and other local partner farms are essential in this farm’s success. That’s why on May 7th, at the Annual Spring Farm Tour (and party!), the day is not just about One Acre Farm. It’s about the community. There is so much this area has to offer and the more we’re able to share the word, educate, and learn, the more resilient and stronger our community will be. We hope to see you there.

We’ve also heard a lot from our community about the desire to customize shares. Some people really dislike certain vegetables like eggplant or beets and balk at joining the farm because, with good reason, they don’t want to waste food. We agree, it’s no fun to throw away beautiful eggplant or beets, those veggies deserve a good home. So, we are now offering customized shares to our CSA members. This is our pilot year, so be gentle on us, but we hope this will allow a lot more flexibility, prevent waste, and create more ease with managing your CSA veggies. You can read more about what the customized share will look like, here.

If you’re game to try something new, we highly encourage you to sign up for the mushroom share. Every week during the season, you will receive a half pound of gorgeous oyster mushrooms grown right here at the farm. These mushrooms are delicious, even the farm crew can’t get enough of them. To learn more about the mushrooms, visit our mushroom page.

There’s something for everyone at the farm and we’re working hard to make the local, fresh, beautiful, nutritious veggies we grow accessible, convenient, and delicious. Thank you for being part of our foundation, our community.

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