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Updated: Oct 4, 2021


At home, remove spinach from the green biodegradable/compostable bag. Wash spinach in a cold water bath, submerging the greens in the cold water. Let sit for a couple minutes then remove from bath. Place in a colander to dry or spin the leaves. Once relatively dry, place spinach in a plastic bag. Prick the bag with a safety pin to create air holes, or just leave the top of the bag slightly open to allow the leaves to "breathe". Refrigerate.


Remove leaves from rubber band. Place leaves in a plastic bag. Refrigerate.

Brussels Sprouts

Trim the brussels sprout heads from the stalks. Keep in Tupperware or plastic bag in refrigerator.

Garlic Bulbs

Keep in a dry and cool place, out of direct sunlight. A shady spot on your counter should be fine.

Sweet Potatoes

Keep dry. Can be stored in the refrigerator or kept in a cool spot out of direct sunlight.

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