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2021 Summer and Fall Season Schedule

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

One Acre Farm grows year-round, every week of the year. Just like you might need a break from farm fresh veggies, sometimes we do too! One Acre Farm takes "breaks" throughout the year to catch up on weeding, planting, cleaning, and whatever other projects we've put off, and also, to give you, our CSA members, some time to catch up with any leftover veggies. Phew.

Our schedule is as follows.

Summer Season Schedule (June - August 2021)

Week 1: June 1st

Week 2: June 7th

Week 3: June 14th

Week 4: June 21st

Week 5: June 28th

BREAK: JULY 4TH. Time for fireworks.

Week 6: July 12th

Week 7: July 19th

Week 8: July 26th

Week 9: August 2nd

Week 10: August 9th

Week 11: August 16th

Week 12: August 23rd

Two week break between Summer and Fall Season. Go to the beach.

Fall Season Schedule (September - November 2021)

Week 1: September 13th

Week 2: September 20th

Week 3: September 27th

Week 4: October 4th

Week 5: October 11th

Week 6: October 18th

Week 7: October 25th

Week 8: November 1st

Week 9: November 8th

Week 10: November 15th

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