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What's growing on the farm?

We explore the different types of kale growing (or grown) on the farm.

Over the winter, we grew this very neat variety of kale in the high tunnel.

It's a flat leaf variety and very tender. People love to use it in salads, as it's hearty, full of nutrients, but not too tough to eat raw.

It has a purple stem, a signifier of high nutrients (purple colored vegetables are super high in nutrients) and flat leaves with pointy edges. The variety is Red Russian.

We learned of this variety by visiting other farms and learning what they are growing.

Curly Kale is more common and you're almost always guaranteed to find it at the supermarket. Here on the farm, we grow Curly Kale throughout the winter months in our high tunnel and in the spring and fall out in the fields.

This variety is super hearty and can withstand very cold temperatures. As 2020's CSA members may remember, at our Pick-Your-Own Day, people could harvest as much as they wanted of this variety, as it was growing vigorously.

To prepare, you can either "massage" it with salt to make a kale salad. Add oil and vinegar once the leaves have started to darken and crinkle.

Or, you can simply saute it with garlic. Yum. This is basically how One Acre Farm's Membership Coordinator Charlotte survived through her 20s. Sauteed kale and oatmeal...

This year, we'll be growing a neat variety called Smooth German. According to the seed company, the leaves are slightly bitter with a "tangy" mustardy taste. This variety is commonly used in German fare, in stews and warm salads.

We wanted to grow this variety because the leaves are wonderfully tender, just like the Red Russian. We hope you get a chance to try this kale out!

Be sure to sign up for this year's Summer/Fall CSA. Go to to do so, today!

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